Bognorwood Chapter 1 Shuttle-X

Italian Trulli
This photo is from the back inside of Shuttle-x for reference.

Proposed opening with facts and serious details...
Chapter 1 of a Proto-type Shuttle that after a 2 year space flight requested clearance to land on 23rd March 2020.
'UKSA we request landing permission, please advise' said Astronaut p309 of Shuttle-X HQ.
'We dont have you on our list or landing permits' stated a ground controller. Shuttle-X HQ was turned away from UKSA initially as no one expected a Shuttle to land at Fairford with its 3km long runway.
One serious intro version leaving a mysterious question over the fate of Shuttle-X for another chapter, etc.
* apparently the shuttle had been on a very unusual 2 year space flight. Very few shuttles could manage 2 to 3 months, and though permission was given to Shuttle-X to land, it just simply vanished from the radars and all contact was lost.
A more comical ending I'd like to use and maybe somehow film it...
'Astronaut P309 calling HQ & requesting landing permission over' requests the Shuttle-X Astronaut...
Hq here we are having trouble receiving your transmission, over' replies the Hq operative...
DINK - A giant size asteroid collides and carries the Shuttle-X away, Astronaut p309 is pinned to his chair by the G-forces.
Shuttle X layout, from the above picture, taken from the rear inside covering the 'engine room, Mid deck & Flight room.
Modified shuttle craft, width 21 blocks or 7 metres wide, 37 metres long or 122 feet in all.
Flight cabin is 10 blocks long, 30 feet. Middeck is 18 blocks or 60 feet long.
Aft section is the engine room, 9 blocks long or 9 metres - 27 feet.
Crew of 8 including a few cyber-bots.
Shuttle X is both an entertainment & science craft.
It has unusual cargo needing to be plugged into a website to power some of its cyber-engines.
Website being plugged in to bring to life the MINER unit.
The question is how long could a 50 by 50 by 4 high area be cut out?
A miner unit could take upto 30 minutes to dig out about 2,100 or so blocks (3x3metres).

Further updates will be placed here tomorrow - today is Saturday 24th Oct 2020!

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