Bognorwood Interactive Storyboard Project!

Basic website to cover stats & 2 blogs, etc.
Web project tracker for 2021...
Visitors to your & our websites.
Stats progress report & stuff.

The Emmyojimbo Story
Please feel free to check out latest story about Emmyojimbo...
Bognorwood 2021 will be the making of a story / stories.
The truth will come out despite the lies & propaganda...
The Emmy-Armatron-Yojimbo Story. A few robots & humans try to start a new community & save what little is left of humanity for future reference & possible progressive exploration.
We will be using a simple story arc...
Building up of character.
Creation of scenes for visual reference.
Several connected themes from Sci-fi to Fiction etc.
Created 14th Oct 2020 by Poplock Paul

1st story spoof!
1st Story - Sci Fi spoof about life in 2020...

Entertainers pages - team is being selected, trained & let loose here...

Guidelines are being drawn up.

You never know what you will get in a box of chocolates

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Stats you might like to view & see how well we are doing...
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Stats you might like to view & see how well we are doing with the 16N250 YT Video we recently created...
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Poplock Paul YouTube Channel
Please feel free to check out latest MA & Dance videos on YouTube.

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This is the link to check this mega posts 2022 sub project which is part of our main 'Project-2022-project' with stats and other stuff as we try to find out what works & last year we got 465k to our 2021-project.
Visitors to our Megaposts 2022 Sub Project.
This is just to see stats of visitors to our megaposts 2022 only, in the past in just over a month we got over 12,000 and before the 3rd month was done we had hit 65,000 for 21 normal posts. Date Saturday 22nd Jan 2022 after 3 weeks preperation with 12 mega post pages, count starts.

Project 2022 covers several sites where I will be creating content for entertainment, mostly music & dance, Martial Arts and fitness are also included as well as stats an stuff.
Feel free to check how many visited us in 2022
Link reset to show stats from 23.30 on 01.01.2022 for Project2022
Check anytime to see how many visitors we get to our websites!
Project2021 saw us attract 465,261 visits as seen in screenshot below.
How many visitors will we attract in Project2022 we wonder?